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We are a team of experts who are familiar with healthcare


ソニー 鈴木


An acclaimed Fortune 500/world 1000 Corporate Strategist, award-winning Silicon Valley technologist. As a former IBM executive, he has managed the delivery of large-scale projects valued up to $500M for NHK, SONY, Warner Brothers, defense & intelligence agencies and many more. He holds an EMBA from Harvard University as well as various technical certifications


Dr. SAKURA Sousa
桜 宗佐


He has been involved in Numerous next-generation cutting-edge companies such as Soujinkai Medical Association, AMBICION, IPA∙S Capital, L.CROWN and A*Quantum Inc. He is currently active as a part-time lecturer at the National University of Tokyo School of Medicine. He aims to contribute to society for humanity with next-generation medicine and AI∙Quantum computers.


Mr. SUZUKI Kenji
鈴木 健児


Experienced in establishing, operating, and managing a medical institution at a major operating company. After that, he participated in the management of medical ventures and expanded the spread of immunotherapy. He is responsible for developing new businesses through experience in the medical industry and a wide range of contacts.


Dr. IGARASHI Kazunori
五十嵐 一紀


Certified otolaryngologist with broad experiences in outpatient care and surgery. He had been engaged in medical tourism using his fluent English skills. He is gaining abundant knowledge of innovative technologies as a selected PhD student of the Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education.


Mr. INOUE Taku
井上 拓

General Counselor

After graduating from Nada High School and the University of Tokyo Law School, he has registered as a lawyer. After that, he registered as a patent attorney. He is a member of Hibiya Park Law Office which specializes in intellectual property law; litigation and dispute resolution; general corporate legal affairs; investigation work and criminal defense.

We will provide new value to the world through the cutting-edge technology of Japan.

Sakura Sousa

Create a Recycling-Oriented society for JAPAN TECHNOLOGY and contribute to the healthcare of the world.
Measure the “Promotion of use” of Japan’s wonderful cutting-edge technology and obtain “Stable price” from the market.
The company was founded with the aim of contributing to society widely through the realization of this triangle, mainly in the healthcare field.

Accelerate research and clinical application of cutting-edge technology based on the total healthcare concept.
Commercialize the intellectual property and know-how gained from them to provide all around the world.

Hybrid team of medical professionals with a thorough knowledge of the healthcare industry and an extensive network and specialists, with experiences in developing and succeeding in business globally.
Providing unprecedented services and new value to the world.



Support spread of cancer immunotherapy using NKT cells (preventive administration and prevention of recurrence).

Diagnosis project

Sales of ultra-early cancer risk test kits using exosome surface markers.

Health and prevention project

Health food business using plant-derived exosomes and sales of disease risk diagnostic kits using genome panel testing (follow-up diagnosis of genome panel using iPS cells).

Medical tourism project

Introduce cutting-edge medical care of Japan and provide detailed support from medical professionals during your stay.

Regenerative medicine project

Consignment manufacturing and sales of stem cells and culture supernatant using fully automatic cell culture robots

Medical institution support project

Operation and management support of medical institutions that have introduced the above seeds.


We provide innovative solutions in collaboration with universities.